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Differences in e cigarettes

April 5th, 2009 ~ 2 Comments

dse901-whiteI wanted to take a moment to explain some of the differences in the 3 different types of e cigarettes that we carry. They each have their own advantages and personalities, and everyone seems to like one more than the others. I hope this will help any beginners choose the right one for them the first time so they won’t be unhappy with the device they choose and feel the need to try others right away. Although for me having every kind of device, and generally just having new toys to play with all the time is part of why I enjoy e smoking so much.

The first and most popular device that we sell is the super mini e cigarette, also known as the RN4081. It is 102mm long and looks the most like a regular cigarette. One of the reasons that it is so popular is because of its appearance. People tell me every day that they want a device that looks like what they are used to. The super mini e cigarette is a great little device that is best used with prefilled cartridges. I use mine mostly when I am away from home and can just throw a couple of boxes of carts in the car. The reason I say it is best used with cart is that refilling them with liquid is a pain, and can get very sloppy. To refill them right you need to take the sponge part out of the cartridge and fill it with liquid but make very sure you don’t over fill. If you overfill it will leak up into the mouthpiece and you run the risk of getting liquid into you mouth. The super mini is best for people who don’t want to be bothered with refilling their own and want something that is easy. My experience shows me that the cartridges are equal to about 6 regular cigarettes but if you are refilling them they don’t last as long because of fear of over filling. Batteries last between 3-4 hours depending on use. It is always a good idea to have an extra battery with every e cigarette.

The second e cigarette that we sell is the pen style or RN4072. The pen style is 155.5mm long and looks the least like a real cigarette. Both the atomizer and the battery are longer on the pen style making it our longest e cigarette. The best feature of the pen style is the size of the cartridge. It is massive and holds a lot of liquid. Each cartridge is about the equivalent of a whole pack of cigarettes. That makes the pen style cheaper to operate than the super mini when you are just buying cartridges for it. The cartridges are also very easy to refill, they pop right out and you have direct access to the liquid container. Refilling with liquid makes your e smoking experience far less expensive. When I use only the pen style I can smoke for about 30.00 worth of liquid a month. And with today’s prices for cigarettes that is half the cost of a carton of smokes. Our pen style e cigarettes just like the super mini come with 2 atomizers so you are always ready to go, but again it is never a bad idea to have an extra battery and pen style atomizer laying around just in case.

Our third and my favorite e cigarette is the DSE901. It is my favorite because it combines all of the good things about the super mini and the pen style. It is 119.5mm long and has a large easily accessible cartridge for refilling or for popping on a new one. You can get them in white so they look like a regular cigarette or in fancy colors so they show a little flair. The one that I primarily use is stainless steel or sometimes called platinum with a black cart. Most people say that the pen style creates the most vapor of any e cigarette but from my experience the 901 creates just as much vapor of a higher quality. The atomizer seems to burn a little bit hotter which uses less liquid and gives a nice texture to the vapor. I love using all different flavors of liquid and when I use them in the DSE 901 it really pulls out the flavor of the liquid better than any other device. If I were starting out today the 901 would be my first choice among all of the devices I have used. It is the cheapest to run and gives me everything I want out of an e cigarette.

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2 responses so far

  • 1 Val ~ May 11, 2009 at 5:29 pm

    Nice review, I am glad you use it and can tell us what it is like because others just kind of sell the products without much subjective input.
    I look forward to purchasing one of these units and trying it out long term. Then again you kind of sold me on getting different sizes where I can keep a small one when I am up and about and leaving the larger one at home.
    Even as I type, I can smell the cigarette smoke smell coming from my sweatshirt. Cannot wait to rid myself of that!!!!

  • 2 Chris ~ Jul 24, 2009 at 11:04 am

    This site is an awesome help. Some local stores have the basic kits and prefilled carts, but that’s about it. It’s nice to know I’ve got a resource out there. Your prices are great too, about 30-50 percent off what they are here locally. Thanks again for such a great site.